Global network of Intellectual Property Experts and Independent Member-Organizations offering IP-Protection and IP-Management services.

International Experience

We are international IP-Experts dealing with creation of corporate IP-Strategies with high-level Action plan targeted to achieve ambitious business goals under conditions of market uncertainty with most profitable and effective use of intellectual property assets

Main Services

Trademarks, Copyright, Trade secret, Know-how, and Litigation
R&D Expenses,Business Investments, HR & Marketing Costs
Market, Investment, Accounting, and Mortgage values
Licensing, Franchising, Investments, M&A
Risk Assessment
Law Regulatory, Unfair Competition and Business Risks
Other services
We provide many other services which can help your business

Intellectual Property Assets Management System

Intelmax provides a full circle Customer Relationship Management focused on the business owners to provide automation on intellectual assets management.

A simple and intuitive interface provides visualization of the entire IP-portfolio, statistical, accounting and analytical indicators of protection, capitalization and monetization.

What will you get?
  • Easy control (24/7)
  • Business evaluation
  • Business protection
  • Smart accounting

IP–Assets Management

  • Trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs
  • Trade secrets, know-how, production secrets, works for hire
  • Copyright works, computer programs, databases, audio-video materials;
  • Goodwill, startups, websites, mob. applications, computer games, projects, customer & supplier lists, etc.


Brand protection
You brand can legally be registered as a trademark or copyright object. Find out which legal form of intellectual property is most suitable for your business
Product protection
There are several ways of legal protection of your product: invention, industrial design, work of science, utility model, know-how, computer program, etc. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each method and choose the best solution


Main Benefits:
  • Intelmax Increase of a business value, net worth and authorized capital
  • Intelmax Decrease in expenses of the period and increase in profit accrued on the balance sheet
  • Intelmax Practical Optimization of financial Expenses including tax costs.
Capitalization of expenses invested in a business, conversion of expenses into business value (intangible assets)